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Just A Stone Roll Away

So many miss the blessing of Easter becuase we choose to look at it from the outside instead of stepping across the threshold. The stone was rolled away not to let Jesus out but to let us in. Jesus needed no help getting to us, but we need help getting to Him. In this year's Easter message, we will learn that the difference in simply existing and truly living is just a stone roll away. 

I Get To

In so many areas of our lives, it’s easy to use the phrase, I have to. I have to go to work. I have to spend time with my family. I have to go to church. I have to volunteer. The have to’s can quickly feel like a burden. But what if we shift our perspective from have to to get to? We get to worship together. We get to give of our finances and talents. We get to share our faith with others. In this series, we’ll look at the responsibilities and disciplines of Christ-followers written in the book of Acts. We’ll see that the spiritual disciplines we are called to as Christ-followers aren’t burdens; they are blessings!

As You Wish

Our words and expectations have the power to bring joy or cause chaos in our deepest relationships. Our expectations will often determine the reality of what our family relationships will look like. But what happens when expectations aren’t met?  In this series, As You Wish, we’ll take a look in Ephesians to see what a God-centered family can look like.


In the New Year, we make resolutions and recommit to dreams and goals that will lead us to a better life and future. This is the perfect time to gain a renewed perspective on our faith. Our faith was meant to be personal, but not private. It was meant to powerful and practical.  Join us for this five-week series, “Faith Works” as we study the book of James to discover a faith that really works.

Fearlessly Faithful

Welcome to our 2024 Vision Message. This year, we are being challenged to live Fearlessly Faithful. In this message, we'll be exploring how God wants to use His people to change culture instead of being changed by culture. We will learn how to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly throughout all areas of our lives. 

Starry Night (Christmas)

Welcome to our Christmas series, Starry Night. This series explores the stories of Mary and Joseph, the magi, the shepherds, and the angels as they experienced the divine through the birth of Christ. Come experience the awe and wonder that can only be found by a personal encounter with the Savior of the World!

Keep Going Tribal

At the beginning of this year, Pastor Jay shared that CPC was Going Tribal in 2023. All year, we've been striving to recreate a local, authentic family of faith as we learned what it meant to belong to God’s Tribe and the Center Point Tribe. As we revisit this theme during this three-week series, we'll learn what it means to live tribal, behave tribal, and how we can protect the tribe.  

Penny For Your Thoughts

Finances are one of the toughest things in the world to talk about in any area of life.  At home, at work, and at church, money is a difficult subject.  Here’s the truth of the matter…all that we have is from God.  Every gift, every talent, every dollar, every penny.  It’s God’s to give, but it’s ours to manage. In this 3-week series, Penny For Your Thoughts, we'll explore God’s thoughts on what He’s entrusted to us.

25th Anniversary Celebration

Center Point Church celebrates our 25th Anniversary and we invite you to join us on October 15, 2023 as we look back over the past 25 years and celebrate all that God has done at and through CPC and take a look at what's to come next.


In this four-week series, Unsubscribe, we will discover that Jesus said "no" to lots of things so He could show us how to say "yes" to the best things. We will learn to say "yes" to peace, holiness, health, and investing in godly relationships. Join us as we learn to unsubscribe from the things that hold us back from the life of purpose that Christ has for us.


Life really isn't about winning and's about becoming. Some of the greatest lessons in life come from mentors and coaches. In this five-week series, Believe, we'll take a look at life lessons from some of the Bible's greatest coaches and take a thing or two from Coach Lasso. We'll learn to believe in the process of becoming who God created us to be. 


Our life finds meaning when we are properly placed in God’s narrative story.  There’s incredible value in taking away all the fluff and silencing all the competing noise of distraction around us.  When we do, we can focus on the most basic parts of who God has called us to be.  In this 7-week series we’ll unplug and get down to the core of what our tribe believes and who we are called to be.

Becoming A King

Significance and purpose are hard-wired into the heart of a man. We search and long for the way. There is a way, but can we find it? In this year's Father's Day message, we’ll explore God’s plan for restoring the hearts of men. We'll learn how the restored heart of man leads to kingship.

Finding Hope

Life is sacred. From conception to death, life is a precious gift. In this two-week series we will learn how God has called us to bring His hope to those who face unplanned pregnancy.  


God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope. – Hosea 2:15

Talk To Me

Prayer is our link to God. Many times though, we struggle to understand why we don't pray more, how we should pray, and why we should even pray at all. In this two week series, we'll learn that prayer is not a button to push. It's a relationship to pursue. 


Becoming A Queen

Welcome to our Mother's Day message, Becoming A Queen. In this message, we will discover that women are meant to live wtih purpose, beauty, and nobility. They were created to become queens. 


You Asked For It

You have questions. The Bible has answers. In this series, we will look at your biggest questions about God, faith, and the world to see what the Bible has to say about them and how we can find peace and confidence to follow in God’s truth.


Next Time (Easter Mini-Series)

In this two-part Easter series, we will explore what it looks like to live with eternity in mind, choosing to live each day knowing that Christ is coming back and what it will be like after He returns.  



There are three really big challenges when it comes to marriage and relationships. God has given us clear direction and instruction on how to use these relational gifts, so they never become overwhelming challenges. To be honest, we could all use a little help in being better spouses, friends, and followers of Jesus. 


Are You Still Watching?

God’s gifts of grace and purpose are absolutely free. There’s a question we have to answer though, What will we do with it? Will we miss out on all God has for us by rejecting or running away? Will we get distracted by doing all the “Christian things” and miss out on the “why?” Will we quit when life gets hard? Or…will we commit to God’s way of living and see that there is no limit to what God can do? This series will help us see how we can choose to play an active part in God’s plan.

Are You Still Watching?

We live in an increasingly challenging world that encourages us to deconstruct everything we have believed in order to find our personal truth.  The problem is that there is no foundational truth to build on.  Anything and everything can be torn apart, leaving us empty and confused. In this four-week series, we'll reconstruct a biblical worldview built on God’s Truth behind the creation of life, its purpose, and our place in God’s divine story.

Going Tribal (2023 Vision)

In this year's vision casting message, Pastor Jay shares the vision God has given us for the coming year. We’ll be Going Tribal in 2023. We will strive to recreate a local, authentic family of faith as we learn what it means to belong to God’s Tribe and the Center Point Tribe.

Faithfully Different

We live in a world that has fallen heavily into another wave of secularism. Secularism is built upon the premise that the ultimate authority is found in ones-self. However, as Christ-followers, we have been called to live with a Christian worldview. Our ultimate authority is to be found in God, the author, and perfector of life. This one-week message will teach us how a follower of Christ can live with a Christian worldview in a world that is becoming aggressively hostile toward it.

Around The Table: A CPC Christmas

The holidays are a wonderful time of year!  They bring to the forefront all of the relationships in our lives.  However, much like the holiday dinner table, those relationships can be warm and welcoming, but also sticky and messy.  This holiday season we'll learn how to navigate those relationships through the love of Christ.  Join us for this Christmas Series: Around the Table: A CPC Christmas!

Walk by Faith  Graphic for Center Point Church

Walk By Faith: Living With Gratitude

For followers of Christ, gratitude is not just related to a holiday; it's a lifestyle. This message explores the dynamic relationship between faith and gratitude. Gratitude for what God has done strengthens our faith for what is to come. Walking by faith allows us to be grateful in all circumstances. 


The first problem in the Bible was not sin, it was solitude. The entire theme of the Bible is about friendship. God goes so far to say that a person who isolates themself has lost their minds and gone against sound judgement. (Proverbs 18:1) In this 3-part series we'll learn God’s plan for finding and building great friendships.

No Offense

From the latest headlines to social media comments to the person who just cut us off in traffic – there are plenty of opportunities to be offended daily. But, What if we decided to respond differently to those around us? What if, instead of trying to make a point, we choose to make a difference? Join us for this 3-week message series, No Offense, and let’s learn together what God says about how to live a life free from offense.

Mind Games

This four-week series will address the mental health crisis that has left many in our world mentally shaken, insecure, and unstable. We will seek God’s answers to questions like, “How do we restore and maintain the peace of mind God desires for us” and “What do we do when anxiety and depression seem inevitable, and joy, hope, and peace seem hard to come by?” We will learn God’s transformational plan so that we can begin winning the war within.

Simply Irresistible

Today, few topics bring as much pain and confusion to more people than sexuality. Even in the Christian community we see greater confusion and misunderstanding about God’s intent and beautiful design. In this four-week series, Simply Irresistible, we'll rediscover the compelling truth of God’s masterful plan and learn how to communicate it to a culture so desperately searching for answers. 

Counterfeit gods

In today's world, it's easy to take a good thing in life and turn it into the ultimate thing. We place our identity in such things believing they hold the key to true happiness. This series will address the only hope of true happiness and fulfillment in life is found when we recognize and dethrone the counterfeit gods in our life and place the One True God of life in His proper place. 

A Time To Rise

We believe that God's answer to the abortion issue is the Church. It is not enough to merely fight for and celebrate life, we must also assume the responsibility of taking care of it. In this one-week message, Pastor Jay lays out CPC's plan for assisting those facing unplanned or unexpected pregnancies. 

Church Life 101

In this series, we will learn how the gospel shatters barriers and clears the path for us to minimize stereotypes and confront our subtle prejudices that adversely impact the church’s ability to truly open our doors and reach “the least of these.”

Made For More

With all that is going on in our world today, do you find yourself asking, "What is the meaning of my life?" Join us for this four-week series that will help answer this question. We'll turn to the One who created us to seek out His plan and discover the purpose for our existence. This series is all about helping us find our "why." So come and discover that YOU were Made For More!

The Making Of A Superhero

The Making of a Superhero is our 2022 Mother's Day Message. In this message, Pastor Jay helps us celebrate the superhero characteristics of moms and anyone who serves in the role of mom. 

Truth be told cover image

Truth Be Told

In a world of colliding ideas, confusing direction, and uncertainty about the future, there is nothing more calming and empowering than proven, unshakable, unchanging truth. In this message series, we will explore the Truth that sets us free.

Making Change

Are you tired of the constant pressure to have bigger and better things? Feeling weighed down by debt or that overwhelming feeling of never being able to keep up financially? In this series, we'll be exploring how you can find financial peace, even in stressful times and learn that the true definition of prosperity has little to do with money.

The Power Of One

Are you tired of the constant pressure to have bigger and better things? Feeling weighed down by debt or that overwhelming feeling of never being able to keep up financially? In this series, we'll be exploring how you can find financial peace, even in stressful times and learn that the true definition of prosperity has little to do with money.

Age Of Rage

You’ve likely noticed that we live in a world that is full of hostility. True peace can only be found in a life led by and entrusted to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. In this four-week series, we'll learn about bringing personal peace to our individual lives while living in a world that is chaotic and full of anger.

2022 Vision Message - LifeActually

In this mesasge, Pastor Jay shares the vision God has given us for the coming year. We’ll rediscover that a life worth living includes Love, Community, Significance, and Truth.

Back In Business

This one-week message clearly lines out what living life on mission is all about. Simply put, to be "on mission" is to intentionally choose to befriend unbelievers, in love, for the purposes of earning the right to introduce them to a life-saving relationship with Jesus Christ (the Gospel of Jesus).

Finding Peace

Welcome to our Christmas series, Finding Peace. In this series, we’ll discover how the radical devotion of Mary, Joseph, and the Wisemen led them to find true peace and most importantly how we can find peace.

Listen To The Music

We all worship something or someone, but as followers of Christ, we must set aside all false focuses of worship and worship the one true God. When our worship is misdirected, our life can never be whole. We will never be who God created us to be if we do not fully understand we are to worship God and God alone. In this four-week series, we’ll learn how to live a lifestyle of worship


This fun series celebrates the gift of God's family, the church. In this four-week series, we'll discover the joys and values of being a part of God's family and be challenged to boldly take new adventures in fulfilling God's work in this world to make the church a place that feels like home. A place to be known, noticed, and loved! 

Yet Arise

We are excited to bring you this two-part series, "Yet, Arise." Through God's Word, this series will challenge us to trust in God's timing as we arise and seize the opportunities that are before us as His Church. We'll also be updating our church community on the Daring New Day campaign and our next steps during this series.

In Sync

Our world has been thrown off pace and out of sync. The patterns and paths of life have been shaken, reshaped, and forever changed. We ask ourselves, “What am I supposed to do now?” or “How do I live with normal redefined?” This series will address the age-old issue of how do I get my life under control and experience this life well so I can live each season to its best.  

The Revelation

Are we living in the end times? Is this it, the end days? If so, “What are Christ followers to do? The answer, “Be Blessed”. In this 7-week series we look at the book of Revelation. In doing so we will look at what the apostle John unveiled to us about the end times and the 7 ways Christ followers can be blessed when it occurs.

People Of The Way

Christ’s church has been drastically challenged by political divisions, racial upheaval, the redefining of God-given sociological truths, and suppressed by limits generated by a pandemic. The question becomes, how does the body of Christ find the way forward? In this four-week series we’ll look back to the original church and grasp what it truly means to be People Of The Way (The Jesus Way). 

Generosity Revolution

A Generosity Revolution sounds like a contradiction in terms. These words don’t seem like they should go together. God wants us to have a forcible overthrow of something in us (our old selfishness) in favor of something new, so that we can be ready and willing to give and share more than is necessary or expected. In this series, we'll be exploring how we can produce a generosity revolution in us and our world.


God has given us the opportunity to not only know Him, but to be led by Him. This series will teach us to live each and every day our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. You may be weary, but this refreshing series will help you discover how to live a victorious life.


There is nothing that we face in this world that Jesus has not overcome.  Now more than ever, our world is dealing with depression, anxiety, and the feeling that life is out of control. The more we seek to regain control, the more we find ourselves lost, confused, and broken by the darkness of today's world. But, Jesus understands. He came to bear the full weight of all the world's brokenness, to overcome and walk out of the darkness. The same power used to resurrect Jesus and bring Him out of the darkness is waiting and available for us.

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And Just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, He will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you. Romans 8:11 (NLT)

Watch our 2021 Easter message and experience the resurrection of a new life. It's time to come Out of the Darkness!


We live in a hectic, fast-paced culture that is completely consumed with being on the go all the time. We often struggle with being still and quiet, becoming more attuned to the spirit of God. In this series, we'll discover the rhythm of prayer and how important it is to our daily lives.


We all love to receive invitations, it makes us feel important, valued and builds excitement as the day approaches.  We have all received an invitation to come to the table and be in fellowship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This series calls us to discover the greatest invitation of all time. Don’t miss this series, we have saved a place for you.


What we do in this life matters. Love is a radical, life-changing, culture-shifting power. It is not enough to obey the law on the outside; we must have a heart change that reflects the image of God. God has called us to remix our thinking and our way of living. This series is built on one of Jesus’ most challenging sermons. Remix – Absolute truth exists. 


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