Getting your kids excited about Jesus this Christmas

By Mike Harvey, Children's Pastor


As I have been driving around running errands and shopping for Christmas presents, I am reminded that the world doesn’t look to Jesus for its celebration of Christmas. We have Santa, trees, and the ecstasy of unwrapping gifts.  Both my kids, and maybe yours too, could give the Sunday-school answer about why we celebrate Christmas, but they don’t seem to be very excited about that. To achieve that kind of enthusiasm about Jesus, I realized, would take more intentional parenting. Here are some ideas for helping your kids get excited about Jesus!!


Talk about Jesus early and often. Don’t just wait until Christmas or even Easter to talk about Jesus.  Scripture reminds us to talk about the teachings of God with our children constantly (Deuteronomy 6:7). With a strong spiritual foundation, the observance of Christmas is truly something to celebrate and get excited about.


Focus on experiences more than gifts. According to a recent poll, Americans estimated spending nearly $800 on Christmas gifts. But another study concluded that life experiences actually make people happier than material purchases. I can't tell you what I got for Christmas when I was 9, but I can vividly recall family traditions like watching movies and looking at lights with my family on Christmas Eve.

Make giving a priority. Christmas provides a special opportunity to model for our kids how we can serve others. Find an organization or family you can serve this year. A few options include Operation Christmas Child (filling a shoebox with gifts for a child in another country) or Salvation Army Angel Tree (buying gifts for a child in our local community). Choosing a child about the same age as your child is a fantastic way for them to feel connected to the child.


Read scripture together as a family on Christmas Eve. As you read the biblical account to your kids on Christmas Eve, give pause for the tremendous event you’ve just read to them. Don't just let them take your word about it. Let them know that it is from God's Word. The Son of God has been born. We know the story doesn’t end here. Below are some other verses you can read with your children on what Jesus has done for us:

  • * Galatians 4:4-5
  • * Matthew 2:2
  • * Luke 2:13-14
  • * John 1:14


The true meaning of Christmas can easily be forgotten with all we have going on and how commercial Christmas has become.  But there are many simple, special ways to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas.  I hope these ideas help you as you point your kids to Jesus this Christmas, and I pray they begin to truly get excited about Him and how His birth truly does CHANGE EVERYTHING!!