Following the Leader

By Dr. David Sylvester, Executive Pastor of Operations


Have you ever delivered a presentation with a bullet in your chest?


In 1912, presidential candidate Teddy Roosevelt was on the campaign trail in Milwaukee when approached by antagonist John Schrank, a local saloonkeeper. Shrank pulled the trigger of his gun, striking Roosevelt in the chest, causing the next president to fall to his knees.


The bullet penetrated Roosevelt's steel-lined glasses case and punctured the 50-page speech he was preparing to deliver, which was tucked away in his jacket.


The shooter, John Schrank, was quickly tackled and pummeled by the crowd, but Roosevelt intervened and asked the shooter to be brought near. The bleeding Roosevelt held John's face in his hands and asked why John had pulled the trigger. Receiving no answer, Roosevelt passed John into police custody.


Aides attempted to whisk Roosevelt away to the hospital, but he refused. He tipped his hat to the crowd and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose."


Roosevelt grabbed the podium and delivered a roaring one-hour and 24-minute speech – then headed to the ER with a bleeding chest wound and blood-stained dress shirt and suit!


I would follow a guy like that! Would you?


Jesus suffered even more in his horrific death on the cross at the hands of the Roman government and paid the full and complete price for our sins! In that regard, we are debt-free. And I have chosen to follow a man like that! Have you?


Sacrifice for the cause of Christ and others. Your influence will increase, and people will line up to do what you do and be what are! As the apostle Paul once quipped, "Follow me as I follow Christ."