A Kid And His Money

If you had an extra $1000, what would you do with it?


Actress Janine Turner starred in the television hit, Northern Exposure. She and her daughter, Juliette, later returned to the north DFW area to raise her daughter on a ranch complete with horses and cows! They founded a non-profit group to educate Americans concerning the freedoms we enjoy! On one occasion, they attended a ceremony at a local school at which 5th-6th graders were awarded for their entries and song compositions regarding our freedoms!


Local teachers received grant awards of $1000 for excellence in the classroom, and student Joshua Landgraf composed and sang an original song, Constitutional , which quickly earned him a $1000 prize! Joshua announced he would give his $1000 to a classmate battling severe cancer! What a selfless act! 


Jesus gave his all for us and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Let’s be more like Jesus - and Joshua!