What To Expect

Service Times

Sundays: 9:01am, 10:31am and 12:01pm


At Center Point Church you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From the moment you walk up to the building, you can expect…


A heartfelt greeting is part of what makes a Center Point Church such a welcoming place. From opening the door to answering any questions you may have, our greeters are here to help you get settled and comfortable.


There’s nothing like the smell of good coffee & the taste of donuts to make you feel right at home. 


At CPC you'll find a casual atmosphere where friendships can form and relationships can deepen.  It's a place that is serious about joy, true joy; the kind of joy that comes from a real connection with God and with others.


Expect to be noticed. Expect people to say something like, “Hi, we haven’t met before, is this your first time?” Expect people to reach out to you in love.


Although there are many ways to worship God, one key component you'll find at CPC is music.  We love to give our hearts to our God through musical worship, or even through simply lifting our voices together. We love music, all kinds of music. From hymns, to original songs, to current hits, we use music to show our Lord how much we love and honor Him.


The Bible tells us to speak the truth in love. The Bible is God’s truth. At Center Point Church we seek to explore, understand and apply God’s truth to our lives at every level in a spirit of love. You will find a growing variety of resources to help you grow in God’s truth. More On What We Believe


Expect to find opportunities to get connected.  Whether it's simply joining the church, finding a small group, or discovering the opportunity to serve in a particular ministry, you'll see that it's as simple as 1, 2, 3. How to Connect At CPC


Don't be surprised if your kids beg you to come back to CPC Kids!  Packed full of fun, truth, and love, our children's ministry aims to outshine our childhood experiences of church.  You'll also find peace with our check-in system and security.  Your children will be safe. We have age-appropriate worship for children birth through 6th grade during our weekend services. For your first visit, go to the Welcome Center, and they will guide you to your child's classroom. More Info About the Children's Ministry


Whether your student is in middle or high school, they'll find a pretty cool place to plug in.  Growing and vibrant, our student ministry is impacting not only this community but any community they may go on mission.  Our prayer is for your student to discover their purpose. Our Student Ministry meets only on Wednesday nights for their weekly RECHARGE EVENT. More Info About the Student Ministry