To define Biblical Eldership we look at three, distinguishing features of a New Testament, Christian Eldership: Church oversight & leadership, qualified leadership, and servant leadership. 


Jay Bruner

Jay and his wife, Regina, planted Center Point Church in 1998, making Jay the first Elder of CPC. Jay has led over 11 mission trips – both in the US and Internationally and has served on countless mission and outreach projects. He started Refresh BISD and continues to serve with the event each year. He has served on countless other mission and outreach projects and events. Currently, Jay serves as Lead Pastor for CPC. In addition to being the visionary leader of the church, he also leads a Home Team and Life Group, is coaching and assisting in the start of a new church plant in Saginaw, TX, and a missional church movement in the Dominican Republic, and serves as a police/victims chaplain with the City of NRH.  

Levvy Gamble

Levvy and his wife, Joy, have been members of CPC since 2006. Levvy became an Elder in 2012 and has served as Chairman since 2018. Levvy has served in many volunteer roles over the years, such as the Board of Directors, Photography Ministry, VBS, Fix-It Blitz, Production/Tech Teams, and has been on several mission trips. In addition to serving as an Elder, Levvy is currently a Home Team co-pastor and serves with the Relational Care Ministry.

Michael Butler

Michael and his wife, Stephanie, have been members of CPC since 2009. He became an elder in 2014. Michael has been involved in many leadership roles within our Student Life, Kids, and Relational Care Ministries. Michael and Stephanie have been instrumental in leading several marriage events and couples' Bible studies. Currently, Michael is leading a Home Team and Life Group, serves with CPC Kids Check-in, helps facilitate the Discover CPC Membership class, and is instrumental in our mission efforts in the Dominican Republic.

John Kasper

John and his wife, Debbie, have been members of CPC since 2002. John has served as an Elder since 2013. John has served in many leadership roles at CPC over the years, such as Home Team Pastor and Life Group leader, Welcome Team, mission trips, organizer of the CPC Golf Tournament Fundraiser, and served on the Board of Directors. Currently, John helps facilitate our Discover CPC Membership Class and leads a Home Team.

Bryan Ericson

Bryan joined CPC in 1999, and his wife, Lea, joined in 2001. Bryan became an Elder in 2016.  Prior to serving as an Elder he served on the Board of Directors.  Bryan has served with several mission trips and events, led Home Teams and Life Groups and has taught Financial Peace University and New Members Classes, and served on the Worship Team. 

Fred Shepard

Fred and his wife, Paulette, joined CPC in 2017. Fred became an Elder in 2019. Fred has served in various leadership roles with our Welcome Team, Men's Ministry, Summer Bible Study, Marriage Nights, SWAT Teams, Fix-It Blitz, and more. Fred is currently serving as leader of our Prime Time Ministry, Home Team Pastor, and part-time Pastor of Relational Care. Fred believes it is his God-given assignment to be an encourager and cheerleader of the CPC Staff.

Chuck Hogue

Chuck and his wife, Jennifer, have been members of CPC since 2010, and he became an Elder in 2018. Chuck has served with mission trips – both local and international, VBS, Children and youth camps, and several community outreach events over the years. Currently, Chuck serves with our Student Life Ministry as a boys small group leader and leads a Life Group.

Mike Britt

Mike and his wife, Jill, have been members of CPC since 2016. Mike became an Elder in 2019. Mike has served in many leadership roles, such as Life Group Leader, Fix-It Blitz, Needs Ministry, Marriage Nights, Board of Directors, and many mission events. Mike currently serves as a Home Team Pastor, Life Group Leader, Men's Ministry Leadership, and is the Floor Leader for the 9:01am service.

Aaron Slough

Aaron and his wife Keylee joined Center Point Church in 2012. Aaron became an Elder in 2021. Aaron has served in many roles with several ministries at CPC, such as Welcome Team, Needs Ministry, Kids Ministry, VBS & other community outreach events, and has served as a Home Team Pastor and on the Board of Directors. Currently, Aaron is serving in our Kids Ministry – teaching in the Elementary age class and helping lead Men's Bible Study.