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  • Sunday:  9:01am, 10:31am, 12:01pm
    Please note: 9:01am and 10:31am services offer a full slate of children's programming. 12:01pm service is "Family-style" and has childcare for birth - Kindergarten only. 

CPC Communications

Center Point Church Communications

The Center Point Church Communications Guide helps teams throughout our organization communicate consistently and professionally. Think of it as a savvy friend you can lean on: you don’t have to memorize everything, you just need to know when to consult your pal. It’s a good idea to follow these guidelines in all except the most informal communication. 

We have two documents to help you with all of your communication needs.

 These links & documents will provide you with valuable information about our communication process for events and ministries, along with the style and values of Center Point Church.

 For questions or help with any of these tools, please contact our Director of Communications, Jennie Risley at  or 817.581.4900

Things You Need To Know Before Completing an Event/Communication Request

  1. Give us plenty of time.
  2. Give us a clear direction and complete detail. We cannot fulfill a request with partial details.
  3. Please choose ALL the options needed for your event.
  4. Completing a request does not mean we can accomplish in your requested timeline but we will do our best to support you.


Request Forms



 At Center Point Church our goal is to help people discover and live a God-centered life. To do this, we want our weekend services, ministry events, and every single thing we’re involved with to be easy to understand and to be done with great excellence and quality. 

We believe our appearance helps people feel comfortable and at ease, and quality helps people trust us.

We strive to have a clean and cohesive design and style. View our branding and style identity standards in our Center Point Church Branding & Style Guide. Also, provided are links to folders that contain Center Point Church approved logos and ministry logos. You will also find our Center Point Church boilerplate. A boilerplate is a logo with our main CPC graphic and the composition of our address along with other contact information. There are three color options to choose from to display our Center Point Church. If you find that you need this logo in another color, please contact the Director of Communications for assistance and direction. Please note: The Center Point Church logo and icon placement is not to be adjustment or manipulated without the prior approval of the Executive Team and the Director of Communications.

Style Guide & Brand Identity Standard

Communications Approved Items

Approved Center Point Church Logos

Approved Ministry Logos

Approved Center Point Church Color Palette 

Style Overview

MISSION: Always convey Center Point’s message through our mission statement & core values.

LOOK: Center Point’s style has a feel that is strong, simple, and leaning towards masculine. The brand is orderly and tidy. Clean lines and simplicity will help with keeping the brand relevant.

CONSISTENCY: Staying close to the graphic standards that were implemented in the guide will maintain consistency in all church communication materials produced.

INFORMATIVE: Information is key. Information should be simple, straight to the point, and accurate. It addresses intended audience and is consistent in using CPC’s language and style. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial in maintaining branding standards. Make sure all information is up-to-date and correct.


Proofing & Editing

Accuracy- Double check dates, times, and names.

Audience- Is the written content (copy) simple, and does it communicate to our members and guests? Does it communicate to first-time visitors?

The Basics- Are all the details of the Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How included in the copy?

Style- Is the copy consistent with the voice and style of writing of Center Point Church?

Spelling- Double check spelling. Have someone who is not familiar with the document check for spelling.



Events & Promotions

Ministries are responsible for completing event requests. If you get stuck or need access to add an event, contact us and we can help get you connected.


Event Planning Tips

Healthy Events

Unhealthy Events

The win is helping people take the next step after the event.

The win is getting people to show up to the event.

The target audience is people who haven’t connected to the church or ministry.

The target audience is people who have already connected to the church or ministry.

The primary way people hear about the event is through the invitation of a friend.

The primary way people hear about the event is through weekend promotions.

Volunteer teams own the event.

Staff teams own the event.

Events are prioritized so people are encouraged to stay connected in their other community engagements.

Events are scheduled to force people to choose church over other community engagements.

Since guest are expected, every element of the experience is planned with that in mind.

Since guests are not expected, certain elements don’t need as much attention.

You capture pictures and video to share the stories or people who were impacted by the event.

You capture pictures and videos to share the story of the event itself.

After the event, there’s a debrief to make sure the win was accomplished.

After the event, you communicate how many people showed up.

Every year the events are evaluated to make sure they are still fulfilling their primary purpose.

Every year the events are scheduled because they are expected.

The event is scheduled again to connect new people to the church and to the ministry.

The event is scheduled again to keep people from leaving the church.

Communication Vehicles 

All Event Requests will be considered for the following communication mediums based on timeliness and scope:

  • Pre-Service Loop
  • Listening Guide Calendar
  • Listening Guide Event Highlight
  • Listening Guide Insert
  • Announcements
  • Stand Alone Promotional Video
  • Restroom Flyer
  • Poster
  • Xbanner
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Website Event Page
  • CPC App Event
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Event 

If you have specific thoughts or ideas of for promotion methods, include them in your Event Request. A request for a specific communication vehicle (e.g. Announcement) is not guarantee that your announcement will be made via that vehicle. Promotions are not based on fairness; promotions are based on ministry priority.


Audience Priorities

  1. Community (Priority 1)
  2. Crowd (Priority 2)
  3. Congregation (Priority 3)
  4. Committed/Core (Priority 4)


Communication takes priority from the outside – in, not the inside – out.


Interested in joining the Communication Team? Do you like to take photos? Excel at Graphic Design, web design, or social media? Then join the team! Contact Jennie Risley to find out how you can serve in this fun, creative ministry at the heartbeat of it all!