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20 Years Anniversary

Happy 20th Anniversary to Center Point Church!

In July 1998, Center Point Church launched in a home in North Richland Hills with 9 people. On November 10 and 11, of this year, we will gather together to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Mark your calendars, save the date, and join us as we remember all that God has done in the lives of so many individuals, families, and our community. We will also be looking forward to the many years that are still before us and the call to continue to Help People Discover and Live a God-centered Life. The last 20 years have truly been a blessing. It is right to celebrate, but we also know that we must move forward and continue to fulfill all that God has for us as a church family. Please stay tuned for more detailed information about our 20th anniversary. We can’t wait to see you all.

Join us as we celebrate 20 Years!

Homecoming Celebration Weekend Services

  • Saturday, November 10 at 5:01pm and stay for a Come & Go reception with Pastor Jay & Regina Bruner
  • Sunday, November 11 at 9:01am, 10:31am, & 12:01pm with a Meet & Greet between services.


In honor of our 20 Years celebration we are asking all families that have been touched by Center Point Church to Testify to what God has done in and through them because of CPC. You can participate by clicking on the link below to Testify. Also, we are asking everyone to consider giving a special 20 Years Anniversary gift to help us continue the work God has set before us! You can do so by clicking the donate link below.




Share Your Story

How have you and/or your family been impacted by Center Point Church?

Wow, so many things to share. I have grown up with the church as I starting attending at the gym on highway 26 when my parents started taking me. Here I found a church that my husband at the time a non believer found and actually asked I want what they have. It wasnt money or anything materialistic. It was peace and true joy and serenity. We grew closer in our faith and got married just after the building was built back in Sept 2004. We moved out of the are for a year or so but came back to the are. We recommited our walk and celebrated as we both got baptized as a sign of our recommitment. Our kids have grown up and my older two serve. My husband and I have had the privlage of serving in almost all areas at one time or another. Worship team, kids ministry, home team, bible studies, Mops group, and we are currently serving in the 1st touch ministry and I serve in the women's ministry. The way that my life has changed is amazing. My heart is no longer hard but filled witb hope love and peace. I have changed my position and mood towards others. I have changed for a shy person to an outgoting person. The prayer, love and assistance this church is to me has helped pushed me past my fears and doubt and Im so much better because of it. I know a thank you doesnt seem like much, but hopefully reading this and seeing my smiling faces on the weekend bring you as much joy and hope as you have showed me as well as I show others, so they can begin their journey. Love all of you every single person who was involved. Brad Sullven, Barry Cram, Matt Bunn, Vanessa Donohue, Diane Wilson, Robert Gotcher, Jeremiah Ducket, Rusty Seek, Kristen Horton, Eric Butcher, Rebecca Freed, Danny, Terri, Kriss and Greg Bryant, and so many more but most importantly Pastor Jay and Regina Bruner and their amazing kids and families. They heart and gift of sharing in an understanding and approachable and never guilty mannor is a true gem in my heart! Thank you all so so much!

Patricia McConley


I had been looking for a church in my area. I checked out CPC at a garage sale. Everyone was happy and nice!
One day many years ago, I went through Mc D. to use restroom before a dental appt.
A bald man sat in back with his Bible open. I thought he is working on his sermon for Sunday. I asked him to pray over my dental appt. He gave me a thumbs up.
When I sat in my car I thought some day I will find his church.
2 years later I decided to visit my neighborhood church CPC for the entire month of December...
First Sunday out comes the same bald man onto the stage~
I thought, I am home I have found my church.....
I joined the Ladies Bible study and found out the lady leading our group was Jay's sister. She said tell my brother your story. I did and joined my CPC church family.
I had been a Christian many years, but after a little while attending CPC, I found the Holy Spirit. I did not know I was missing out until He filled me up.
I am now an evangelist for my Jesus! I open my mouth and He speaks through me with no fear when individuals are near me in need of hearing from Him.
He blesses me daily and I serve Him whenever He calls me to witness~
He speaks to me personally and I worship Him every day...

Trisha Drago


Centerpoint Church has for sure impacted our family! I want to thank all the Pastors for being open to Gods messages and receive it to share with everyone! I personally, have learned so many things about myself and my walk with Christ, through the messages and lessons every week! There is always relevance , as that is the way God works! I have met new people, and have grown in many ways. Our family has been able to grow and learn together and discover new things all the time. My children have been introduced into a relationship with God through this church as well and have learned so much, and that is a huge blessing in itself to me! By God, this church has helped guide my relationships with my husband and children. I am proud to be apart of my church family, and honored to be a member! We have attended for almost 3 years now and I look forward to many more!

Kim Posa

Before Center Point Church I was married to a Mormon where she went to church and I stayed home. I always had an excuse not to attend church as I was not Mormon. The day came when my wife had her calling and the Lord called her to CPC and away from Mormonism. Leaving the Mormon Church caused much havoc with my wife and her family and for me I just continued to avoid church all together. My wife continued going faithfully for more than a year becoming a member and I continued avoiding CPC. One December when I hit bottom I knew it was time to change and with Gods love, and forgiveness I could actually do that. I just needed some tough guidance and I found that. I have victories over alcohol, substance abuse, and tobacco through Celebrate Recovery. I completed a step study through Celebrate Recovery. I slowly pieced my life together with help from Keith. I was saved December 24th 2016 and thereafter baptized. I have found peace through Jesus. I no longer have cravings of the habits that were destroying myself and my family now I have the desire to drink from the cup of the Lord. I owe all of this to my savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for CPC I feel that without CPC I would be a lost soul.

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person... this is a gift from God. -2 Corinthians 5:17

Jacob Russell